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This website intends to provide general information on our offering, however we configure our services under our engagement only in close collaboration with you, our valued clients.

Should you wish to understand more about our experience, capabilities, achievements which you can benefit from, please contact us any time. We are happy to talk and provide further insights and documentation.

In closest collaboration with you, our valued clients, we configure and optimize our engagements, under which

We provide

Executive Consultancy and Management Services for the process industries, especially the life science industry, based on our founder´s values, professional reputation, broad as well as detail experience and proven performance capabilities, allowing clients to integrate and capitalize upon results for the acceleration and excellence in designing, operationalizing and executing their strategy.

We accept

Selective Engagements – High-Value Perspective to Our Client within our filed and our focus area of operation where our founder and managing director will act as or as if Executive in, or as Senior Adviser to your, our valued client´s organization, and any variation thereof as required, through to project-specific engagements, requiring external Senior Executive leadership.


Axxellerance GmbH has been founded by Dr. Ralf Pfirmann in January 2018 and since then is serving its clients globally.
Based on our experience we operate in the industries:


continuous, semi-continuous and batch processes

vast range of reaction types and multi-step syntheses

very high, high, moderate, ambient, cold, low temperature reaction

innovative reaction and processing technology


basic intermediates

advanced intermediates

functional building blocks

active ingredients including semi-synthetic products



vaccines, prophylactic and therapeutic


gene therapy



solid and liquid forms

sterile and non-sterile forms

primary packaging including sterile filling in vials, syringes, ampoules

secondary packaging including injectors, combination products, devices

cold chain

serialization and anti-counterfeiting

and also will explore on your request engagements in other process industries.



Based on our experience we understand:

  • large, multi-national corporations
  • finance private equity-owned corporation
  • family-owned corporations
Business model

We have proven successful leadership, driving organizations towards sustainable profitable growth through turnaround, restructuring and strategy redesign for:

  • Fully integrated own products-own technology businesses, and
  • Contract development and manufacturing businesses

We are used to frequent result-oriented interaction with global

  • Global clients
  • Executive management
  • Shareholders and their representatives
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Politics (federal, state, municipal), national and supra-national, governmental
    and non-governmental organizations
  • Organizations and programmes providing non-dilutive funding

We live our Values continually in all of our activities and in your projects and our engagements:
Proven inspiring leadership, competence, professionalism, integrity and passion for people´s learnings and successes.

The Value we provide for our clients is our Promise we continually strive to fulfil at its best – professional, effective, efficient, early:
Proven acceleration and excellence in executing strategy


  • Technology-based enterprises serving multiple including highly regulated industries with complex products, services and solutions
  • Chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biologicals and vaccines development and manufacturing businesses
  • End-use and industrial, governmental and non-governmental customer businesses
  • Comprehensive global supply chains from chemicals through fine chemicals, active ingredients synthesis and biologicals and vaccines manufacturing through to pharmaceutical packaging including sterile filling, lyophilization, secondary packaging and end market distribution
  • Strategy development, redesign, implementation and operationalization
  • Optimization of commercial and industrial/supply operations´ portfolios
  • Optimization of multi-step, high regulated, complex supply chains
  • Optimization of industrial footprints and their cost/value structures
  • Negotiations for tailor-made supply, manufacturing, development and services contracts of up to several 100 Mio. € contract value
  • Negotiations for strategic transactions and corporate financing of up to 100 Mio € Mio. € transaction value
  • Leveraging human resource processes, people development, organizational learning and communications
  • Managing strategic transactions including post-merger integration/separation and transitions
  • Managing implementation of capital projects of up to 100 Mio. €


Dr. Ralf Pfirmann

1990 - 1995

Research & Development Group Leader, Project Leader, Lab Leader, Hoechst


Hoechst AG Research Prize

1996 - 1999

Emergency Manager and On-Duty Site Head

1996 - 1999

Research & Development Director, Fine Chemicals, Clariant

2000 - 2001

Global Business Director, Fine Chemicals – Intermediates, Clariant

2002 - 2005

Global Business Director, Pharmaceutical Fine Chemicals, Clariant

2006 - 2007

Global Business Director, Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry, Archimica

2008 - 2017

Chief Executive Officer, IDT Biologika

Founder and Managing Director
Axxellerance GmbH

Please find our founders profile on LinkedIn for further detail.
Please contact us for more detail on our founder´s experience


Our Offering spans the full supply chain required in chemicals, life science chemicals and biologics – actives, applications and solutions:
executive expertise, support and resource for and in the executive management of corporations in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and related industries


Our Field of Operation spans from the responsibilities and tasks of top-leadership in leadership, design, planning and monitoring through to effective operationalization and detail execution, where senior leadership is required.

Strategy design, operationalization and execution


Our Focus Areas of Operation concurs with the full breadth
of chief and senior executive leadership:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Structural and process organization
  • Systems and business processes in all functions including business, finance, human resources, communications, procurement
  • Portfolio and pipeline optimization
  • Innovation culture, processes and management
  • Business development
  • Value-based Contracting – agreements, amendments and settlements – from concept to negotiation through to execution
  • Transactions/due diligences
  • Performance improvement programmes in revenues, margins and their operational execution
  • Complexity and structure optimization
  • Yield management as concept for the manufacturing industry
  • Business & cGMP



We focus on our valued clients and their mission through our engagements.


We enable our clients and us to do so by

  • individualizing and optimizing the purpose, scope, outline and targets of your project in close conversation and collaboration with you, our valued client
  • accepting engagements selectively, only where high value results for our clients can be achieved as the engagement target
  • working under our simple Standard Agreement Framework, comprising
    • a standard general Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement
    • a standard Consultancy Agreement
  • offering two standard business models
  • offering engagements from one day through to several months with few weeks´ termination option

Where you can meet us

June 7-18, 2024

Our Headquarters

Darmstadt, Germany

20 minutes from Frankfurt Rhein-Main Airport


Trogir, Croatia

15 min from Split-Kastela Airport


Strategic and Operative Assignments



United Kingdom

October 8-11, 2024

CPHI Worldwide







Meeting Clients and Partners






Jun 19-21, 2024


Milano, Italy

Lugano, Switzerland





Strategic and Operative Assignments





We appreciate your interest in Axxellerance and our services.

Please contact us at:

+49 6155 4505

+49 172 826 8799 - text messages only

+49 3212 826 8799